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#10: Chael Sonnen Beats Rampage

There’s a totally forgettable Bellator event tonight, with Bellator 201 bringing us their female flyweight champ Ilima-Lei McFarlane, Saad Awad, Valerie Letourneau and… Ryan Couture. Any card with Ryan Couture is definitely something worth DVRing and watching on fast-forward.

But! Bellator has had some good events and important moments thus far in 2018, so let’s take a look back, shall we?

#10: Chael Sonnen beating Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was noteworthy because, well, not because of the action, since Sonnen essentially dry-humped old man Rampage to death. However, it was part of Bellator’s heavyweight grand prix, and now we don’t have to hear Rampage’s endless complaining that much anymore.


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