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Six Reasons to Watch UFC Fight Night 132 - #1: Leon Edwards

The UFC is coming to us from Singapore this weekend, with the far-flung locale playing host to a main event that has an up-and-coming Brit badass against a fading – but still popular – American hero.

So why should you bothering tuning in to UFC Fight Night 132, what with summer in full swing and a 40oz of Zima malt liquor and a street corner calling your name? Here are six reasons.

#1: The aforementioned Brit, Leon Edwards.

Edwards is mostly a regional player, but in nine trips to the Octagon, he’s only lost twice – a decision to Claudio Silva and a decision to Kamaru Usman.

He’s also pretty versatile, and capable of winning via submission or knockout, or by simply outlasting the other guy. Of course, at UFC Fight Night 132, the other guy is…

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