It seems the MMA community is showing much potential for growth as more large companies look to grab a piece of the pie. Popular MMA brands Tapout, Silverstar, and Hitman Fight Gear have recently been purchased by ABG Apparel. This puts two of the top brands in the sport under one umbrella. When asked about the acquisition, ABG Chairman and CEO, Jamie Salter had this to say.

“These are some of the most exciting brands I’ve seen in years. The popularity of mixed martial arts and the UFC is soaring around the world. The last time I saw a sport with this much potential was 20 years ago with snowboarding.”

This does not mean that the faces and co-founders of Tapout, Dan “Punkass” Caldwell will and Tim “SkyScrape” Katz will be leaving. The two will still serve as Marketing and Creative Directors of the company.

A little insight on the new owner of the apparel of MMA, In his last gig, Jamie Salter snapped up Linens ‘n Things Inc., Polaroid Corp. and other household names. With his new acquisition, he’ll peddle cage- fighting T-shirts and “Expression of Combat” school folders.

Salter’s Toronto-based Authentic Brands Group LLC is betting the three labels — TapouT, Silver Star Casting Co. and Hitman Fight Gear — are ripe for expansion as mixed martial arts tightens its grip on the mainstream. J.C. Penney Co., Kohl’s Corp. and Macy’s Inc. already sell some of the gear, and the new owners and founders are looking to add sales both at home and overseas.

What do you guys think of this? Is it “bad for the sport” as TapouT’s slogan would say?