We trained in them and sweated our asses off in them and the results were very surprising. After a month plus of wear and tear our Silver Star clothing proved its quality. Here are our final thoughts on the Silver Star clothing we received.

Let me start off with the shirts. These things are of great quality, not those thin flimsy feeling cotton type shirts that are out there, these Silver Star brand shirts are nice thick cotton but made with some very breathable fabric. To me a shirt is still just a shirt but if your trying to make a statement then Silver Star has some sick looking designs that will definitely grab peoples attention.

My biggest beef with investing money into graphic tees are that after a few washes the ink on the shirt fades away and your fresh shirt you just bought now looks like one that you’ve been wearing for years. So we put these Silver Star shirts to the ultimate wash test, using my washer and my detergent brand of choice “Tide” I washed these things 53 times. My guess was that no mater what the quality of the brand you just can’t beat the washing machine test and I predicted a fail here, but 53+ washes later my shirts are still looking fresh and new!

As far as training MMA in these shirts, well the fact that they breath easy is a huge plus and the thicker material absorbs a great deal of sweat so I guess that could be a plus as well.

Moving on to the shorts, at first look I was definitely feeling the style. The graphics on the pair we received were something I would sport no problem. When we ran in them they felt pretty damn good, they are made of very light weight material. The pair that I trained in were the Dark Angel ones and the fabric on this one is very thin and it has a sort of a silky nylon feel to them. These shorts were unbelievably durable and strong. Just to test out the fabric I would every other day pull and stretch the material to see if it would maybe tear or permanently droop, but these shorts are the real deal fellas, very resilient and strong material . When it came to rolling around and doing our Jiu-Jitsu stuff, I like to use “rubber gaurd” a lot. But shorts I have previously trained in before always felt a little restricting of my leg movement, but the way these shorts felt when I moved in them were very freeing.

Our shorts came equipped with a velcro strap in the front and the Dark Angel pair had a hidden away full waist drawstring that helped keep these shorts secured on my skinny girly waist. I found that for skinny guys like us that are in between sizes (34 is slightly too big but 33 is too tight), the full wrap around waist draw string was extremely necessary, like the Dark Angel pair had, but the Suga Script pair only had the front shoe string style tie that didn’t give us the most secure fit. However I would not rule that as a draw back that is just a matter of picking the proper shorts to fit your body style. So skinny guys it would be my advice to go with a pair that have the full waist draw sting.

The shorts were also put to the same washer test and they as well prevailed. The ink that made the graphics still looked fresh and new. The shorts also retained their size as well as the shirts, none of our Silver Star clothing felt like they shrinked.

Overall Silver Star is one of the top brands for a reason and deservingly so, with outstanding quality and superb functionality I definitely say it makes Silver Star brand clothing a perfect fit to train in. The best part about this whole test for me was the shock I got when the quality of the shirts never changed after 53+ washer and dryer runs. So if your in the market for MMA gear to train or if you just want to support the MMA cause with quality and fashionable clothing then Silver Star is where it’s at.

Wanderlei Silva Walkout shirt
Clay Guida “Run to the hills” shirt
Rashad Evans UFC 108 Walk out shirt
Thiago Silva UFC 108 Walkout shirt

Dark Angel Active Shorts
Suga Script Boardshorts