First up for review is the very popular and stylish Silver Star Casting Co. They were kind enough to participate in our review section and sent us quite a few samples to play with.

Silver Star Staffing Co. sponsors some of the worlds top MMA fighters, such as Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Georges St. Pierre, Urijah Faber, and Rich Franklin, just to name off a few (all current or former champions).

We are going to spend the next few days sporting this gear and thoroughly inspecting its quality and durability, as well as train our asses off in them. Myself and a few other staff members here at train a little in MMA, and we are going to try our best to beat this gear up and see how they look and feel after a couple days.

Up for the test are 4 very stylish Silver Star signature shirts,  2 Silver Star trunks, and a pair of jeans. The jeans I was not expecting at all so that’s a bonus – and I will be wearing those off and on throughout the next few days as well. We are going to put their durability to the test.

On top of the experiment of training with the gear, we are also going to do a wash test. Nothing kills me more than to get some fresh gear – just to have it fade to crap after a few times in the washing machine. So over the next few days we will also be doing our laundry a whole hell of a lot more often than our normal weekly laundry sessions, to test out their level of durability against the washer and dryer.

So until we complete our Silver Star test, check out the images of the products up for review below – and visit the official Silver Star Casting Co. site here.

Also check out these direct links to the gear we have featured in this article:

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