Before I start… NO, hemp will not get you ‘high’ and NO, it would not cause you to test positive for THC. Now with that out of the way – if you haven’t heard of the online company, they are quickly becoming known for their high-end quality supplements, targeted towards athletes and health nuts like myself.

Their latest product is called Hemp Force. Used as a protein shake supplement to help build muscle, aid recovery and supply energy. Whether this is something that you personally can benefit from, as I have from with their other products like Shroomtech Sport is what I’m here to help you decide.

The ingredients are so simple it seems peculiar, but then again it’s those crazy unidentifiable ingredients that are usually the worst for you. Hemp, Cocoa, Maca and Stevia. If you are unaware of what these four ingredients do for you, let me give you a brief rundown.

Hemp: Ridiculously banned from growing in the U.S. alone, hemp has no psychoactive properties, yet it’s not differentiated from Marijuana by the DEA. Legal to purchase, it’s arguably the most efficient protein for our body. Click here for more info –

Cocoa: Known as a ‘dessert,’ this bean actually gives a high level of antioxidants while helping regulate blood sugar levels and even relaxes sore muscles.

Maca: Helps boost the endocrine system and libido (which increases testosterone) while balancing hormones. Meaning, expect a boost of steady energy in the bed and everywhere else.

Stevia: As science continues to show us the dangers of artificial sugars, more and more companies (Starbucks) are turning back to this natural sweetener as consumers become more health conscious.

Now that I gave you the rundown, let me give you my thoughts of the product in hopes of helping you make a decision. Coming from ISOPure (unflavored), a carb-free whey protein, I was taken back by the strong sweetness of Hemp Force. This probably won’t be the same for you though since a sip of soda to me is like slamming a shot of Aunt Jemima. For me the main reason I’m sticking with Hemp protein though is the lack of bloating I have with hemp. I’ve tried soy, whey, brown rice and they all leave me feeling lethargic time to time…

Currently going for $47.49, it’s not cheap. If you’re an athlete on a budget, check out other hemp proteins on Amazon. They may not have all the same ingredients, but they will not cause bloating. Like Onnit’s other products, they guarantee the highest quality in their ingredients. Between importing hemp and maca, I’m sure it isn’t easy to turn a profit. Even with the price tag, I still recommend giving them a try. They have a money-back guarantee, so why not try the most efficient protein to help you reach your goals faster?

If interested, visit here.