The wheels are already turning on this project, and we already have confirmed a handful of the top MMA brands that are more than happy to participate, and we are awaiting the confirmation of a few more. I must have sent out more than 30 emails to all the MMA brands I could think of , (and some I didn’t even know about until some research) explaining our plans to put together a product review section for our viewers.

With the Versus 2009 MMA award show including the categories like top MMA brand (awarded to TapouT), best MMA clothing (awarded to TapouT), and best MMA glove manufacture (awarded to UFC), I thought it would be a great idea to thoroughly review all the MMA brands and really see which is the top brand in their respective categories.

Did UFC win best gloves simply because they are the most recognized brand or because they actually have the best quality glove? Did TapouT win best clothing brand, and top MMA brand because of all the TV sets we see them on thanks to MMA on PPV and on Cable? Or is TapouT really just that good of a product?

I am not knocking down on any of these brands at all, in fact I am wearing a TapouT shirt as I type this – but how accurate and un-biased was this awards show towards these MMA brands? That’s what we here at plan to seek out. Most of our CagedInsider staff here train MMA and are going to really put these MMA products to the test.

Were going to train hard in them, run in them, sweat in them, were going to pull them, stretch them, and bleed on them, well maybe not bleed – but you get the point. We are going to beat these things up like any other MMA practitioner would and truly see which brand stands out.

Do you have an MMA brand of clothing or training gear you want included in our MMA products review section? Then make sure you email us on the contact tab above, or you can email me personally at [email protected]

The MMA product review section will be up as soon as we can get it up and once the products start rolling in, so check back often.