Even the man who put the legend Anderson Silva to sleep on the canvas has a hard time grasping what he has just accomplished. Undefeated and now the UFC middleweight champion at 29, Weidman says he plans to hold onto the belt for some time. Some may criticize that Silva allowed Weidman to beat him by being too cocky, however it is the same technique Silva has done time and time again to get his opponents to open up. Unfortunately for Silva it did not work this time.

Following the fight, Silva was quick to say that he did not want to carry the weight of the belt on his shoulders any longer. He clarifies that he will continue to fight (he is contractually obligated to 10 more fights), but it wouldn’t be for the belt as he wants no rematch. Of course UFC president Dana White has other plans. White assures the media that after some time off, Silva will be fighting in a rematch.