ESPN officials have announced that the newly broadcast-ed show “MMA Live” has been doing well at its Friday 1 a.m. ET slot and has been extended for another three month contract.

MMA Live started as an online show starring UFC fighter Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian and sports commentator Jon Anik, and recently was upgraded to broadcasting on the ESPN2 channel, adding pre, and post coverage along with fight weigh-ins of large UFC events.

“I think what’s most exciting to us is that when a big game ends in the NBA or Major League Baseball or the NFL, you can go to ESPN, and you get great on-site coverage, nine times out of 10,” Anik said. “After a UFC pay-per-view, it’s not that there’s nowhere to go – there are great radio shows online and message boards and forums – but the fact that you can literally turn off your pay-per-view at 1 a.m. ET and turn on ESPN2 and get a half-hour post-fight extra with the winners on set, this is what this sport deserves.”