During an interview with boxing legend James “Lights Out” Toney by MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani, Toney was left frustrated from the interview questions given by Helwani.

Dana White said MMA fighters are better than boxers, and I represent boxing, said Toney. I represent oldschool, that’s me.

The interview looked to turn uncomfortable for Toney as his knowledge of the sport was in question.

Helwani: Is it true you tapped King Mo?

Toney: You ask King Mo.

Helwani: He said it.

Toney: Well, then it happened, I aint gonna lie to you.

Helwani: What kind of submission move was it?

Toney: Derce.. It was a rear-naked Choke.

Fans that don’t like me, that’s too damn bad, because after August 28, you’re really not going to like me, cuz’ I’m going to destroy your so-called legend. A guy [Randy Couture] with 12 losses is a legend, aint that a bitch.

That’s why y’all sport is so messed up, like Boxing, NFL, NBA, you have to retire for five years to be considered to be a hall-of-famer. This guy didn’t retire and he’s still in the hall-of-fame.

Source: MMAFighting.com