If you’re like me, you’ve been raving about GLORY World Series for some time, as in this article back in May.

Since its debut on international TV back in 2012, the kickboxing organization has provided some of the most consistently entertaining broadcasts in combative sports.

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If you haven’t enjoyed a GLORY event yet, here’s your chance.

Yesterday at their official website, GLORY announced that they are unlocking their entire fight library, free of charge for your viewing pleasure.

The library begins with GLORY 1 in Stockholm from 2012, which featured a battle to decide GLORY’s first heavyweight champion — with the most decorated heavyweight kickboxer of all time, Semy Schilt, squaring off against Erol Zimmerman.

To access it and the rest of the GLORY library, go to Glory World Series Official to sign up.

The promotion has experienced ups and downs in their attempts to break through internationally, but shows no signs of slowing down. Last month, GLORY announced they have extended their TV deal with SPIKE TV through 2015.

Here is an under card bout from GLORY 1, Carter Williams vs. Gokhan Saki: