Last night’s Fight Factory, episode three continued to bring you riveting entertainment as you ride the emotional roller coaster of  what it is to be a fighter. Namely in this episode, Phil ‘The New York Bad Ass’ Baroni and Josh Kosceheck.

The cameras follow Baroni as he prepares for a fight injured, against an opponent he is expected to win. Like many other fighters, Baroni picks up injuries in camp, but refuses to pull out of the fight as he says he needs the money.

Meanwhile back at Dethrone Base Camp, Koscheck begins the weight cutting process for his upcoming bout against Johny Hendricks. Koscheck sees the fight as a chance to validate his newly founded camp and as a chance to prove that he can make it without AKA behind him.

Flash to Koscheck in his hotel preparing for battle. The camp talks about their tactics going into the fight as Jon Fitch has some insight on the opponent. We skip ahead to after the fight as Koscheck explains that he lost a split decision to Hendricks, but felt he was robbed.

Against the recommendation of his coach and physical, Baroni goes in to his fight cocky and disrespectful of his opponent at weigh-ins. Come fight day he puts on a show for a round before gassing and losing via TKO (punches) to the up and comer. Baroni and his wife Angela, disappointed – break into an emotional tailspin in the locker rooms. Coach Javier Mendes tells his fighter the cold truth that he did not fight to his potential.