MMA legend and all-around bad-ass Don Frye was speaking to MMA InsideTheCageTV where he discussed a number of hot topics in the MMA world today, including the problems with performance enhancing drugs, his own fighting career and what he thinks of Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem, etc.

Pulling no punches, Frye admitted that he doesn’t care about athletes using PEDs, as they’re part of every sport anyway.

“Who gives a shit? It’s part of the sport, part of any pro athlete, any professional athletic organization and if you think there’s not performance enhancing drugs… shit they do it in golf even, come on… I say who cares?”

Speaking about former UFC heavyweight champion Lesnar, Frye laughed off Paul Heyman’s suggestion that Lesnar is one of the top five best UFC fighters of all time, whilst even suggesting the likes of Randy Couture and Frank Mir threw their fights against him.

“That guy’s a waste of flesh. Goddammit, I can’t formulate the words the guy pisses me off so much. I think Randy Couture and Frank Mir threw the goddamned fight. ‘Cause I know Randy is a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever could have thought of being, and Frank Mir could have been one of the greatest fighters of all time if he didn’t get in that motorcycle accident. There’s no way either guy should have lost to Lesnar.”

Speaking about his own personal interaction with Lesnar, Frye admitted he wasn’t too impressed by the WWE Superstar.

“I had a couple of dinners with Lesnar [and others] and had a couple of drinks with him and found him to be a complete asshole.”

Frye also discussed the idea of his own return to the cage/ring, with a possible rematch against former foe Ken Shamrock being touted for later in the year.

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