The knockout.

It’s a moment that fighters dream of when they step into the cage.

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It’s what brings fans to their feet like nothing else.

It gets scary, too.

And sometimes, it just gets weird.

Inside MMA on AXS TV featured all of the above in their recent Viewer Submissions segment.

Some nasty stuff here — a check hook set up with some fancy footwork, a fighter walking right through a front kick to land an overhand, and more.

But hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten save the weird for last.

At 1:06, you’ll see Wayland Comanche land a head kick to Cody Biehl in their welterweight bout in Vanderbilt, Tennessee. Biehl falls unconscious — and seemingly sticks, like a bug against flypaper, to the cage. (Thankfully, he is said to be okay.)

Bas Rutten offers some advice to prospective fighters. Keep those hands up, guys. Yes, indeed.

Full video is here, which includes Comanche’s dance while his opponent is still unconscious, which is kind of unfortunate. To be fair, he didn’t follow up with unnecessary punishment after the KO, and offers his opponent a respectful bow afterwards, too.