And it goes on. Chael Sonnen was mere moments from snagging the middleweight title belt from Anderson Silva, when “The Spider” caught his second wind. The main controversy of the fight though was the stoppage of Silva by the ref in charge. And although Sonnen hasn’t openly gone against the ref’s judgement, he certainly isn’t happy.

“I never once disputed the tap, but I also didn’t know it happened,” admitted Sonnen. “Whether I tapped or I didn’t tap — and that’s by no way me saying I didn’t tap, I haven’t seen the video — it was the right stoppage. Josh [Rosenthal] woke me up to let me know the fight was over. Josh was saying my name the same way my mother used to wake me up for school in the morning. ‘Chael…Chael…’She’d say it over and over and it would kind of get in my dream and I’d snap out of it. That’s what it was like with Josh. He repeated my name three or four times and I remember when I came to, [I asked] ‘Am I the champion?’ I didn’t know how it ended. Josh Rosenthal is awesome. The UFC has awesome refs, and with that being said, he’s at the top of the list. Above all, his job is to keep us safe and he’s always kept me safe.”