MEOW… Chael Sonnen’s gift of gab has landed him a very beautiful female by the name of “Miss Brittany Smith.” In this short candid interview with Sonnen, he explains how he borrowed Smith’s phone and got her number off of it. From there it was all Sonnen FTW.

“I’m not an expert on lover relationships,” cautions Sonnen, adding “but there is some advice – If it doesn’t come easy let it go. And if it’s right, you won’t have to work for it. It’ll just be right and it’ll be easy, and that’s my story at least.”

Smith on Sonnen:

“He is a very sweet guy, he treats his mother in an incredible way, which I love very much, because it means that he treats his wife so wonderful. He is a great friend, a great boyfriend, a great son and very generous. He really thinks of others before thinking of himself.”