In this exclusive interview, Aaron Tru is lucky enough to snag some of Vitor Belfort’s time. With his recent victory, Anderson Silva was of course a topic of discussion. It was reported recently that Silva had fought his most recent opponent Chael Sonnen, with broken ribs. Silva is now sidelined until next year. Belfort himself has not fought in over a year either, so when asked the question if he would be waiting for a title shot with Silva, he simply stated “I’m not going to be waiting for Anderson. I don’t fight for Anderson, I fight for the fans. ”

Another heated topic discussed was the fact that Anderson Silva always speaks through his coach and translator, Ed Soares. Vitor mentions that he feels the UFC should give Silva a translator who will translate what he’s REALLY saying, instead of Soares who changes Silva’s words to “make him look good.” Vitor also stated “I think the fans deserve to know what the person is really meaning.” “He needs to go do his business [Ed Soares], go be a manager, don’t try to be a trainer or fighter…Anderson’s the star, he needs to speak.”

At the end of the interview, Vitor was asked if he had anything to say to the fans. He gave one piece of really good advice that I believe everyone should follow: “In everything you do, make sure it’s good for you today and tomorrow.” As well as “Have regrets, but make it better.”

Check out the rest of this amazing interview below and a special thanks to Aaron Tru for making the interview so successful!