UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar probably owes his recent victory over Shane Carwin via head and arm triange to his coach Erik Paulson. Paulson spoke with FightHubTV about the fight and how Paulson envisioned the finish as Lesnar worked the move over and over in training.

When questioned how Brock Lesnar would be preparing for Cain Velasquez, Paulson had this to say:

“What Brock needs more than anything are good sparring partners that can kickbox and grapple, so he’s gotta get some guys in his camp that can actually throw down with good striking, good takedowns, good takedown defense. I’m sure the goal for that camp will be to bring some good strikers in. [Velasquez] is real tough, there’s a big size difference between Brock and him though, the power factor. He’s a good wrestler so he can actually stop stuff, get out of stuff, but I don’t know if he’s used to going with someone as big and powerful as Brock.”

Source: FightHubTV.com