Let this be the obvious lesson of the day. Don’t be a belligerent a-hole, threatening people you don’t know… You just don’t know the credentials of any mild manner looking patron these days. Obviously this guy picked the worst person to threaten as it was Ryan Hall; one of United State’s top IBJJF Mundial world champions.

The drunken assailant is seen going from asking for a lighter to threatening the life of people he has just met. Perhaps an understatement to say the attacker was ‘mentally unstable.’ It only took seconds for the BJJ blackbelt to take full control of the situation in full-mount, not once but twice as the situation arose again outside the restaurant. Of course when you study under the 2-time world champion, Felipe Costa, it goes without saying that you don’t have much to worry about in hand-to-hand combat.

You can find out more about the hero of the day Ryan Hall at Fifty/50BJJ in Arlington, Virginia.