Yesterday we had relayed the sad news that Brazilian fighter Leandro Souza Feijao had passed away after his severe weight cut attempts for a flyweight bout at Shooto Brazil 43. At the time there had been nothing but assumptions as to the cause of death. Team-mates were quick to admit that Souza had attempted to lose 33 pounds in less than a week as he was called into the fight on late notice. The day of weigh-ins, the Nova Unaio fighter would still need to cut another 11 pounds. Shortly after stepping out of the sauna,  the 26-year-old would pass.

According to Brazil media outlet, Chief of Police in Botafogo Joao Ismar  has relayed that the exact cause of death has been ruled a stroke. Obviously a stroke at the age of 26 is abnormal and has led the medical staff to further look into the chain of events that caused the issue.

“It’s too early to say that he died because of the effort he was doing to lose weight. We need to check his medical records because it’s not normal to see a young kid like him suffering a stroke. IML is working to get more information so we can get in a conclusion, then we will start an investigation.”
– MMAFighting

We now know the medical term for Souza’s death, but we do not know what led to the death. With the investigation ongoing, it is still a question as to whether the extreme cut is what led to his stroke, or was it a past medical conditions that could of already been in place.

As the story has unfolded, Shooto President Andre Pederneiras has released that the event is officially cancelled (banner image above). No date for the reschedule has been given at this time.