THQ Fight GameWith the success of  UFC undisputed 2009 selling over 1,000,000 units in its first month alone, it is no wonder why other large gaming publishers have tried to jump on the MMA bandwagon.
THQ is the latest to hint at joining the club, when Vice President of THQ, Danny  Bilson recently talked about a new melee fight game in the works to be announced at E3.


The fighting group is actually taking on the management of another game that we’re going to announce at E3 that has a certain amount of melee combat in it but it’s… we’ll announce it at E3.

This year’s a major developer and you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about when I’m able to talk about it. It’s really cool, it’s another one of the things I’m doing to rebuild everything around the core division of THQ.

“A melee game” can of course mean alot of things. There has been rumors of THQ making offers to take over EA’s Fight Night franchise, or even picking up the Mortal Kombat rights from the fallen Midway. Both the games last releases were considered flops, as the MMA gaming seems to be more likely.  THQ is a heavy sponsor of the Ultimate Fighter series, which is leaving many to speculate the game may even be “The Ultimate Fighter Game”. Come up through the ranks as a TUF contender for the contract. Though it sounds redundant, to have a second UFC game in the works, the gaming industry has seen weirder things.