Steroids have long been a problem in sports, today the finger gets pointed so often especially in the face of a bitter defeat, and words like juicer, and cheater get thrown around almost as much as fists do in the cage. Sean Sherk got busted for it about a year ago – earlier this year the fight between Fedor and Barnett was stopped due to Josh Barnett testing positive for roids. There is a long list of MMA fighters caught with some form of a steroid in their system before or after a fight.

So yes even though it gets thrown around so often, because so-n-so lost a bout he feels he should’ve won, that automatically means the other guy was juicing – and couldn’t possibly mean that he was just the better fighter that night.  The users and cheaters are out there, they may or may not consciously know they are taking a steroid type substance but none the less it does happen probably more often than any non combatant could ever guess.

However one example I wanted to use in particular is a recent one that has been buzzing around the net and in magazines since they last fought. I’m talking about BJ Penn and GSP part 2. Since Penn’s 2nd destruction at the hands of GSP he and his crew have been making excuses left and right accusing him of greasing in between rounds, and then later a steroid user.

BJ Penn trainer Rudy Valentino:

“I think it’s because of his so-called steroid use, and all of that, that B.J. felt it was an unfair fight.”

“We heard from certain people that used to train with him, telling us what he did in the past. That’s why, we had a heads up on that.”

I personally don’t believe Georges St. Pierre is using any steroids but that’s just my opinion. He seems to be a very honest person and probably has the greatest sportsmanship in the entire MMA, so to think a man like that would cheat using steroids is laughable. Yet you can’t judge a book by it’s cover I understand that, and anything is possible. However it never came up in any test as it has for so many other fighters. So why is GSP so special to not test positive?


“When you cycle steroids, you’re not going to test positive. You can cycle it right up to the time of the fight and not test positive on that. That’s what we suspected he did in this fight.”

Of course, he must be doing something only you guys have thought of as a way to make it possible for him to be a cheater and clearly not just a better fighter than Penn, and not get caught in the process – wow and to think none of these other fighters or their trainers thought to do the same thing instead of run the risk of getting caught – like they did. Is that convenient for BJ Penn and his camp or what?!

I believe Penn and his camp are just so bitter about his pair of crushing losses to St. Pierre that they are looking for reasons to point the blame at, instead of accepting that he is just a better fighter than Penn. Wasn’t it Penn and his corner who verbally quit in between rounds in one of the fights between him and GSP?!

I think that Penn’s camp see BJ, who has ran through every lightweight challenger with ease to keep his lightweight UFC belt, he ran through all the guys in welterweight twice to meet with GSP only to be dominated both times. So their thinking appears to be since he didn’t fall like the ones before, he must be a cheat. Which is a really sad thing to see from a great fighter like Penn – he should accept his losses with grace and come to the terms with the fact that he is not invincible and that he can be beaten. GSP is like his kryptonite.

Some of the greatest names in the sport have all met at least one guy they just can’t beat. Chuck Liddell was KO’ing anyone that stepped in the cage with him, enter Rampage Jackson, who has beaten Chuck before and that began the fall of Liddell – everything changed for him after that. Look at Rich Franklin – was once the most dominate force in UFC, enter Anderson Silva and like the Iceman everything changed for Franklin after that.

The steroid scapegoat is tiresome and bad form when thrown around so carelessly in the face of defeat. It’s becoming a black eye for all sports, baseball for one has lost nearly all credibility because of it . MMA seems to be getting a lot of that flak lately, and although there is a long list of fighters that have been caught – I feel that unless you have solid proof, than you shouldn’t be running your mouth accusing anyone of such a disgracing act. You only bring shame to yourself with empty accusations – exactly like Penn and his camp.