icon rumorsTatame is reporting that they have been told that the WEC will be merging with the UFC early in 2010:

Biggest MMA event of the planet, UFC has plans even bigger to 2010. Sources close to WEC informed TATAME.com that the UFC will add new weights categories on the next year, bringing athletes with contract with WEC, that was bought by Zuffa – same organization that commands the UFC – in 2006.

On the next Wednesday, WEC 44 will define the featherweight champion on the fight between Mike Brown and José Aldo, what could, joining the events, define who would become the first UFC featherweight champion. Besides that, WEC has two more shows scheduled until January 2010.

We’ve been hearing rumors of the pending merger for months now. Clearly at this point it is still a rumor, no official words from UFC President Dana White, but with all the injuries/illnesses affecting the UFC fightcards as of late, has forced the UFC’s hand.

Knowing that you’ll have entire weight classes with a roster full of potential fights, and even more fighters to choose from for replacements in the event of a fighter coming up lame before an event, and it is likely very appealing when the promotion seems to have to rearrange scheduled fight cards all to often lately.

Again this is only a rumor, so we will continue to monitor the situation, and once official word either confirming or denying the rumors are released, we will be updating with the details.