icon rumorsWith Dan Hardy getting the win over Mike Swick – he will be facing off with the welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre sometime in the near future.

However rumors are floating around for the idea that both are being considered for coaching jobs for a season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality television show.

Rumor Updated Here

If this does happen to be confirmed – then by the time these two actually get to fight would essentially be about a year from now, which in many eyes would not be worth the wait, which in my opinion it’s pretty clear who the winner would be and there would be no reason to delay for that long.  It’s one thing to delay a highly anticipated fight for the purpose of the reality show for example – Rampage & Rashad Evans.

Although now the Evans – Rampage fight isn’t going to happen anytime soon now due to Rampage’s early retirement to pursue acting but at least that is a fight worthy of the wait. In the case of Hardy and St. Pierre, not so much worth the wait – yes we are all dying to see GSP back in the cage but a fight with Hardy is hardly worth GSP’s time – nor ours.