WAR. That’s the current name of Nick Diaz‘s upcoming mixed martial arts promotion in Stockton, CA — found at NickDiazPromotions.com. The news shouldn’t be too hard to swallow, as the former Strikeforce champ has been very vocal on his disapproval of the top MMA promotions rules of combat.

If Diaz had it his way (which he may now) he would return to Pride FC rules. That would defuse wrestlers from ‘stalling’ on the top as they would receive a yellow card, which would lose the fighter points. Another big change you can expect, would be the removal of elbows.

“You can’t elbow. You have to punch. It takes a lot of space. A guy on the bottom wants to get up, he gets up because you’re making space to punch. It makes for a more technical aspect to come out. It makes for more transition and movement to happen. It’s more exciting to watch and it makes for the better fighter to win.”

“The yellow card (if) you stall. You can’t stall. You have to fight.”

Starting an MMA promotion is no easy feat. We’ve seen investor after opportunist come and go in the sport. However, with the current number three promotion being run by former fighter Ray Sefo, perhaps that fighter insight will guide Nick to a top spot in the sport. Stranger things have happened.

Props to @LayzietheSavage for spreading the word.

Photographer: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports