Since Nick Diaz’s absence at his grappling match against Braulio Estima last Saturday at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, many rumors have been flying around as to why Diaz decided to be a no-show.

Diaz stated that the main reason for his absence, was due to the fact that Estima was allowed to weigh late and over the weight limit, which was 180lbs. Diaz also mentioned that he was told all the winnings would be donated a charity and found out that was not the case.

The head honcho of the expo Renzo Gracie, says he wants to take the blame for everything that happened. He appeared on The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo and give his side of the story;

“I have to be honest, if there’s someone to blame, it’s me. Even though it was my expo, I had one guy working on it and he was good at organizing it and putting it together. The only thing he’s not good at is dealing with fighters. From what I understand, Junior called Cesar Gracie’s room the night previously at midnight and said Braulio Estima would be 10 pounds overweight. You have to understand, Nick Diaz was already giving up too much fighting that caliber of fighter in BJJ. For Nick to take the match, it shows the kind of guts he has. It ended up turning out the way that it did because the guy dealing with the fighters is an amateur, and he didn’t understand the emotions the athletes go through.”

Although Renzo appears to be taking most of the flack, I have to say Diaz and Estima are both big boys and could have probably handled each of their “issues” a little more professionally.

Transcribed by: The Score