From the minds of the guys that brought you felony fights comes a new spin on MMA. What happens when you put a lifetime convict against a trained MMA athlete. Here is what the creators Danny Zodiac, and Michael Solo had to say about their latest product.

“Felony Fights is pretty extreme and savage. All the fights is dudes outta prison. They get out and they get down with no gloves on, no rules,” Danny explained to “We can only go so far with Felony Fights. There’s a lot of legalities. There’s a lot of different factors as to why Felony Fights can’t be on TV or a normal cable network. Because of that, now we’re doing something more TV-friendly for all the viewers … for everybody pretty much.”

Another MMA fighting promotion right? Well, with all the different options for fans have these days to watch mixed martial arts — including UFC and Strikeforce, among others — Danny promises that the Felony Fights version will be unlike anything you’ve seen.

Much like WWE wrestling, Cage Vs. Cons will give fans the elements missing from current MMA divisions — one being the opportunity to see the storyline and background behind each fighter. This only, Danny says, will let you connect with each fighter like never before.

“With Cage vs. Cons, the difference [from Felony Fights] is it’s gonna be more like a UFC fight with gloves on, with rules. Not as extreme [as Felony Fights], but it’ll have a cool little storyline. Cage fighters fighting convicts,” Danny explains.

“UFC is bigger than boxing now. Everybody watches it. It’s entertaining, but the thing is, there’s not a lot of theme behind it. We’re the first ones to do cage fighting with a theme to it,” he continues. “You get to know the fighters more on a one on one basis. It adds a prison element to it, the crime element to it, the gangster element to it. You’re gonna have good convicts, you’re gonna have bad convicts … good guys, bad guys. You’re gonna watch all this footage before about the fighter, and when they actually get into the ring, you’re gonna be rooting for one guy or the other, depending on which dude you dig. That’s what separates us from the UFC. It has a storyline to it, characters, personality.”

The event will feature all MMA-trained fighters — some strictly cage fighters, while the others are MMA-trained ex-cons.

One of these fighters, for example, is a man named Straight Jacket. He’s an ex-con trying to make the leap into the MMA world. “He did a lot of years for stabbings, robberies, stuff like that. … some real crazy sh**. Now he’s rehabilitated. Now, he’s trying to make a change in his life. What better way to do it than through MMA fighting?” Danny asks.

Cage vs. Cons will be a legit MMA event, sanctioned by the Athletic Commission, and boasts professional, accredited officials — “Big John” McCarthy being one. Actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister, aka D-Bo, will serve as Cage Vs. Cons host when it goes down later this year.

As of press time, it’s being planned for October or September. A location has not been announced.