The next original reality series is on the horizon. Spike TV, in conjunction with UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, is set to offer a new and exciting adaptation of the now-famous “Rescue”-themed reality shows. Tailored after its successful “Bar Rescue” series, it looks to blend the growing popularity of MMA with America’s intrusive curiosity into the daily activities of another man’s life.

The show, which will feature Couture visiting failing gyms and offering expertise in hopes of recovering and re-establishing these facilities, is the latest in a long line of astonishingly contemporary programs. Scott Hiller, casting producer for the show, offered his take on the fresh, new approach to the reality realm when speaking to

“‘Gym Rescue’ is a brand new series on (Spike TV) where (Couture) finds struggling gyms about to throw in the towel. He figures out what the core problem is and with his team of experts, whips that gym back into shape.”

Hiller also said the show will cater to a wide audience, so don’t expect the show to pidgeonhole itself as just another MMA reality show. No, the focus won’t be limited to the former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight champion’s only actual area of expertise, it will allow him to traverse a broader spectrum of the fitness industry as well. For the yoga and gymnastics enthusiasts, Couture will be lending his professional services there too, as Hiller further illustrated with this:

“Gyms can be of any type: fighting or fitness, climbing, gymnastics or yoga. The problems are of any kind and combination, too, such as failing marketing strategies, equipment in disrepair, staffing issues, poor management. A generous gym makeover is usually part of the show.”

In deciding on possible hosts, going with Couture was the obvious selection. Each had previously broken ties with the UFC and both were eager to continue the foray into reality MMA. Couture is currently involved with Bellator’s “Fight Master” series and Spike TV was looking to fill the void left by the departure of “The Ultimate Fighter”, so the partnership was only natural.

Production is set for this fall and word on the street, or from Hiller’s mouth, is that “there will be several episodes” planned. Potential geographic regions have been targeted as well, as the casting team is currently searching numerous New England territories, various parts of Minnesota, and even Colorado, for the most catastrophic suitor available. Stay tuned as more details unfold for this historical reality milestone!

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Photo by Scott Petersen – MMA Weekly