Arnaud “The Game” Lepont has spanned the globe in his ten year MMA career. The 35 year old has plied his trade everywhere from GOW in France, where he held a welterweight title; to DARE in Thailand. Most recently, the newly minted Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt made his sixth appearance for ONE Championship.

But while he’s taken his share of lumps in the fight game, the Vietnam-based Lepont says he wasn’t prepared for what he called “one night in hell” after his most recent bout — and he’s taking to the internet in hopes it won’t happen to another fighter.

It all went down at last month’s ONE Championship: Odyssey of Champions show in Jakarta, Indonesia, after Lepont suffered a knockout loss to Vincent Latoel of the Netherlands.

According to Lepont, there was a fifteen hour wait between the time of that KO and a CT scan.

“The story line refelcts a serious fault in their medical protocol and follow up of injured fighters with head and facial traumas,” Lepont wrote on his Facebook page. “That could have lead to something really serious. It should not happen ever again.”

After exiting the cage, Lepont says he “face-planted” in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms. ONE officials led him to a hospital.

“OneC appointed an ambulance and with assistance of a LO (OneC Liaison Officer) speaking local Bahasa Indonesian language… we headed surprisingly to a public hospital,” he wrote. “If you never seen a public hospital in Indonesia, there is nothing common with private clinic or hospital in Europe. It’s a real eye opener. It looks like a war hospital. I had couple of stitches in Thailand after some Muay Thai fights… it was cleaner than this one.”

According to Lepont, he never received a CT scan in that facility, but was finally moved to another the following afternoon, where the vital procedure was finally performed.

“I don’t feel safe anymore to compete in OneC,” he wrote. “I think they just broke the elementary rule of any sports event. The respect, integrity and safety of athletes.”

The complete statement by Lepont is here.

Picture credit: Arnaud “The Game” LePont Facebook