ONE Championship doesn’t get many headlines stateside; but the Singapore-based MMA promotion is continuing its reign in Asia this weekend — with another show in China’s mainland.

On Saturday, the Chinese mainland’s third-largest city, Guangzhou, will host its first MMA event ever with ONE 28: Dynasty of Champions.

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Victor Cui, the CEO of ONE Championship (formerly known as ONE FC), spoke to Canadian MMA journalists James Lynch and Carlin Bardsley on The Parting Shot Podcast about the event, and his organization’s rise in the region.

According to Cui, who was actually born in Canada, many in North America don’t understand the scope of his promotion’s outreach.

“People don’t understand,” Cui said. “When we’re in North America, we’re so used to what we have there. We don’t really see the scalability, we don’t see the pace that’s happening here (in Asia). You’re talking about 4.5 billion people here in Asia; and ONE Championship has a 90% market share. By every major metric we are dominant in this market in the world of sports. We are talking about a region where we have 2 billion people in one time zone.”

Of the recent switch from ONE FC to ONE Championship, Cui calls it the “natural and obvious change.”

“I was surprised how many people are asking about it,” he says. “We’re taking this sport mainstream, and whenever we have an event, we’re on the front page of the newspaper or the sports section. We’re in 27 different countries with 27 different languages, cultures, religions, rules, all that… our name has to transcend all those barriers. Everyone understands the word one, and the word championship… that makes us ubiquitous.”

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