Two separate reports from New York Daily News and NY1, say that Governor of New York, David Paterson is looking to propose legalization of MMA for The Big Apple in his next budget plan, which is set to be presented on January 19th.

New York Daily News reported that Paterson thought legalizing the sport would be a good way generate revenues in the state without raising taxes. According to a UFC estimate, one company event could rake in as much as $11.5 million for an event held in NY and over $5 million for in event in Buffalo.

MMA was officially banned in the state in 1997, but attempts to legalize it have been brought up in the last two years. Unfortunately there are still those vehemently opposed to legalizing the sport. One main person being NY Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who recently told The Albany Times-Union;

“This sport is so violent it’s no way to raise revenues.” But he also did state that he would also consider perhaps introducing another bill that would legalize it but “tone down the violence” and maybe making it illegal to hit a fighter who is already down on the floor, or perhaps eliminate the use of elbows.

Uhmmm ok coz this old turd REALLY seems to know what he’s talking about…

But it looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! With the NY Gov. on MMA’s side, it appears perhaps that there’s a better chance for the sport then in previous years. Plus, their brother state of Jersey is hosting UFC 111 and New York is NEVER to be one-uped.