Hope you’re ready for WAR homie. Tickets for WAR MMA 1 are now on sale for their debut event in Stockton, CA on June 22. Nick Diaz isn’t just bringing you another generic fight promotion either. Via the WAR rules: to accommodate the use of a ring rather than a cage, and (2) to discourage stalling and holding — by disallowing elbows to the head of a grounded opponent. Disallowing elbows to the head of a grounded opponent requires a fighter in top position on the ground to either seek to advance his position or to create distance to punch downwards, which is the same distance needed for the bottom position fighter to attack with submission attempts, or to attempt to get up. Permitting elbows on the ground encourages holding and stalling.

The promotion is said to feature fighters from featherweight to heavyweight and to also include women. Their first event kicks off with UFC vet. Daniel “Ninja” Roberts versus JustiN Baesman in the main event. Here’s the full card roster as of now:

War MMA 1