Nick Diaz (23-7) retains his Strikeforce middleweight belt and avenges his loss to boxer, KJ Noons. Diaz wins unanimously after five rounds, (48-47, 49-47, 49-46).

Round One
Early in the first Diaz shocked fight fans, stumbling the boxer, methodically tries to advance position before Noons scrambles up. Diaz tags on the outside, popping in and out. Diaz begins to taunt. Noons misses with huge haymakers. Noons lands some punches and starts to taunt back.
CagedInsider gives it to Diaz 29-28

Round Two
Diaz throws three head kicks to try and keep Noons at bay, but Noons step forward landing a looping left punch that opens a cut that looks reminiscent of their first bout. The two start to throw wild punches with Noons getting the better of the exchanges. Diaz gets tagged with a big shot to the stomach. Noons finishes the round landing a head kick.
CagedInsider gives the round to Noons, 29-28

Round Three
Diaz continues to stand with the boxer. Diaz starts landing some good counters in the pocket, even working the body shot. Noons misses with huge haymakers. Diaz moves forward atacking the body, throwing some leg checks. Diaz starts sticking his chin out mocking Noons. Diaz is starting to take the lead in striking. Noons throws a softer liver kick that lands. Diaz tries to clinch but unable to control the head. The crowd chants Diaz into the third round.
CagedInsider gives the round to Diaz, 29-28

Round Four
Diaz comes out with a plethora of different kicks. Diaz starts to look to have the timing of Noons down, tagging more of Noons. Diaz sets Noons up catching Noons ducking, numerous times. Diaz starts landing numerous jabs. Noons starts to slow slowing fatigue.  Diaz rocks Noons with a big hook. Diaz starts to mock Noons, Noons looks frustrated.
CagedInsider gives the round to Diaz 29-28

Round Five
Diaz comes out looking refreshed. Diaz dances around his opponent much like UFC champ Anderson Silva, continually picking apart KJ Noons from the outside, poping in and out. Diaz dodges numerous huge swings from Noons, who looks to be swinging for the fences. Diaz gets a clinch and lands one knee to the stomach before Noons escapes. The two clinch in the last minute and start tagging each other. Noons finishes with a missed swing.
CagedInsider gives the final round to Diaz 30-28

Diaz was glad to avenge his loss to KJ Noons from back in 2007, where Diaz lost due to doctor stoppage by a cut above Diaz’s brow. Diaz has now won eight straight in MMA, including wins over stars, Scott Smith, Frank Shamrock, Josh Neer, and Robbie Lawler.