MMA Junkie ( has released their first iPhone App, as they advertised they would earlier this week on MMA Junkie Radio. After some tinkering around with the app, I found it to be suitably matching to their site. Keeping the same style, it’s  straight forward, and to the point on giving you MMA NEWS, which we know is what your really looking for. There’s a reason why Versus MMA Awards, awarded John Morgan of MMA Junkie with the Journalist of the year award. These guys are thorough when it comes to MMA coverage. Hate to praise, but I believe you should give respect where it is deserved.

Now that it’s clear that these guys can write, let me talk about the apps functions. The app as I said is straight forward, starting you off with your latest Junkie news section, with a scrollable navigation at the top offering the categories Top News, Rumors, and Events. Top News is divided by the three major promotions- UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, then “only on Junkie” section which as the name suggests is exclusive content to MMAJunkie. The section rumors is a list of upcoming events that are very likely to happen, but yet to be officially announced.  Which leads me to the last category, Events. Yes, you probably guessed it, it is a list of official major MMA events. Simple enough right, and as I played around I noticed the articles or sections I have viewed were no longer bold, which is a very nice touch.

The app is free, and is in its first release, so I am not judging to harshly, but if I could request improvements, I would ask for these features. Fighter bio searches like Sherdog, and, which offer great info on the fighters such as records, fight camp, avg. types of wins and so on. If Junkie had this, I would never need to leave the site. A more polished design in the art work. Junkie is very much a minimalist design, and for that I applaud them, but at the same time I feel they are bigger then that now and need a new look to go with their new and improved functioning and success. Video and podcast support would be awesome as I am a Junkie Radio fan! Perhaps there is video support, and I am yet to come across, but I would prefer it to have its own section, where I could easily jump to. I admit most of these requests are because of the MMA Underground app, which have the features I listed, which I have became accustom to using. If you’re like me, and you’re a  hardcore MMA fan, I would suggest you download both apps for your iPhone, but know you’re shelling out some extra green to get the MMA Underground app ($1.99) with the extra features. Perhaps Junkie has an advanced paid version in the works that will include the same features. We will have to wait and see.