Matt Hamill defeats his former teacher, Tito Ortiz increasing his win streak to five straight. Here is the play-by-play of Ortiz vs Hamill.

Round One
Tito Ortiz comes out very aggressively with high kicks and jabs. Hamill gets Tito down with a fast shot. Ortiz quickly scrambles back up, Ortiz already bleeding from a mouse under the right eye and on the side of his head. Tito continually leads with low licks and follows with a right. Ortiz throws a spinning back-fist but its blocked . Hamill starts to land some jabs. Ortiz is throwing much more punches but few are landing. The bell rings but Hamill continues with a landed combo, big John stops Hamill.

Round Two
Ortiz is starting to get timing down landing punches on Hamill. Hamill resets  and catches a knee to the stomach. Ortiz misses with a head kick. Hamill lands a double-leg and advances with soft blows. Hamill gets to side control and lands some elbows .

Round Three
Ortiz comes out looking fatigued. Hamill throws a combo, Ortiz jumps back. Hamill starts to mock Ortiz. Tito goes back to the kicks to the stomach. Hamill starts to tag Ortiz at will. Hamill gets another takedown into side control.  Hamill continues an assault of punches and elbows for the last minute of the round.

Matt Hamill defeats Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

Hamill now carries notable wins over Keith Jardine, Jon Jones (DQ), Mark Munoz, Tim Boetsch, and now Tito Ortiz.