Following the death of Pro Wrestling star ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, the question of the cause of death on May 20 was unclear.  Savage with his wife in the passenger seat crashed his car on a Florida freeway flipping over the center divider and slid across traffic and into a tree following a heart attack. Whether his death was due to impact or to cardiac arrest was unclear.

After a full autopsy Examiners have ruled the death prior to the cars impact due to an enlarged heart. Savage was found with only prescribed drugs for other medical issues in his system at the time of death. Correct medication for the heart issue were not found however as it is likely Savage was unaware of his enlarged heart condition.

Born Randy Poffo, the future Macho Man had a brief minor league baseball career before joining the wrestling circuit. He grew to fame in the 1980 with the WWF where his bouts with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and George “The Animal” Steele made him a star. Advertisements with Slim-Jim and his signature catchphrase, “Ooh yeah!,” helped him become a household name.

Source: Yahoo! Sports