ressurection_event was live at the: National Fight Alliance Resurrection MMA at the Fairgrounds 4 event,  sponsored by the Morgan Law Firm. The night included 9 professional MMA bouts including the main event:  Nick Willert VS Joe Nicholas, for the “805 Pride Championship belt” Sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

The National Fight Alliance Mixed Martial Arts (NFAMMA) along with the Ventura County Fairgrounds have joined forces to present MMA at the Fairgrounds 4. The event went down last night – December 18, 2009 and we were sitting cage side soaking in all the action of the night. We have the fight card and the results below along with a gallery of great images capturing the best action of the night, check it out!

805 Pride Championship Title Match

Main Event: Title Bout

Nick Willert VS Joe Nicholas

(Winner and 805 Pride Champion Joe Nicholas by TKO rd 2)

Anthony Ferguson VS Chris Kennedy

(Winner Anthony Ferguson by Doc stoppage due to cut rd 1)

Art Rivas VS Brice Ritoni

(Winner Art Rivas by unanimous decision)

Jared Papazian VS Ryan Bastianelli

(Declared no contest due to strikes from both fighters after the bell ending rd 1)

Sarkis Chivitchyan VS Marcos Gonzales

(Winner Sarkis Chivitchyan by split decision)

Allan Shook VS Dennis Chapman

(Winner Allan Shook by TKO rd 1)

Dave Webber VS Reggie Chapman

(Winner Dave Webber by TKO rd 3)

Vince Pichel VS Miles Howard

(Winner Vince Pichel by TKO rd 2)

Joey Bordella VS Chris Wolf

(Winner Joey Bordella by Guillotine Choke rd 2 )

This was our first event coverage and our first time at a NFAMMA event, and I got to say that it was very exciting and way more than I had ever expected. Every single fight was great and full of awesome MMA action, only 2 fights went sour in my opinion. The Papazian VS Bastianelli fight, which had an amazing first round – unfortunately that was all we were going to see because obviously the 2 had zero love for eachother and continued to throw hands after the ending bell to round one. In what I think was a harsh decision, the fight was stopped on that account, and declared it a no contest . I thought they could have kept them fighting and just deducted a point each.

The other fight was the Ferguson VS Kennedy fight which only went half a round due to what I think was a bad call on a doctor stoppage due to a cut on Kennedy’s forehead. Yeah, he was pretty bloody, but I saw it up close after his corner men cleared up the blood from his face, and it wasn’t a bad cut at all – they could of had his corner slap some Vaseline in there and he would have been just fine. Kennedy was still very eager and capable to continue the fight, but very disappointed with the call as was the rest of the crowd.

The rest of the night was action packed, with most of the bouts ending in KO/TKO fashion. Other highlights was the bout between Rivas and Ritoni – which went the distance. Rivas has a killer Muay Thai clinch in which he unloaded several vicious elbows throuhout the 3 rounds. It was a great display of  just killer stand up from both men. Rivas pulled out the victory in the end and it was well deserved. Another honarable mention definitely has to go to the Allan Shook VS Dennis Chapman bout. Shook delivered some devastating ground and pound inside of Chapman’s guard to include some mean elbows, that lead to Shook’s hand being raised in the end.

Fight of the night without question was the main event title bout for the 805 Pride Championship Nick Willert VS Joe Nicholas. Willert and Nicholas got to the ground early in the first round, Willert was throwing down punches from atop of Nicholas’ guard, and even got full mount only to get swept from that dominate position, to end up with Nicholas on top of him. Nicholas cut Willerts’ forehead from inside the guard. Nicholas almost got caught in a Triangle Choke but Willert was unable to pull it off and shortly after he escaped the submission attempt, Nicholas scored a KO in the later moments of the 2nd round due to some vicious ground and pound from inside Willert’s guard, and went home with the 805 Pride Championship belt.

One thing I did not expect to see was TUF season 10 winner Roy Nelson, who made an appearance and worked the corner for 2 fighters. Nelson was invited into the ring he waved to the crowd but declined to speak when he was offered the mic. Funny thing about Nelson though, in between rounds of one of his fighters bouts (Ritoni) – he was stepping up the stairs into the cage with the stool for his fighter and tripped and fumbled to the floor and quickly jumping right up to his feet as if nothing happened, but we all saw it and the crowd had a good laugh at his expense. would like to send out a special thanks to Julian , and the NFAMMA.