Kimbo Slice fighting James ToneyThe MMA world has been buzzing with speculation all day after yesterdays announcement that James Toney has signed an undisclosed contract with the UFC. Many have already been calling for the Internet Sensation turned MMA fighter, Kimbo Slice to be Toney’s first challenge. The only problem is that the word in the MMA-sphere is that Mitrione and Slice are already scheduled to fight at UFC 113 in Montreal, Quebec.

Of course matches have been changed in the past with the UFC, but when Slice’s Manager Mike Imber was asked about a possible Toney-Slice bout  and had this to say:

“Kimbo would of course fight [Toney], but I think there’s a lot of other guys who want to fight him now,” Imber said. Imber, for one, is among many who are excited to see what Toney can do in the cage. But “Icy Mike” insists his client’s fight plans are unchanged.

*UPDATE: Mysteriously Slice-Mitrione has been pulled from Scheduled UFC 113 card, making Slice a very possible contender for Toney. Toney was quoted calling out Kimbo Slice calling him “Simba”. Is this the best match-up for Toney? Perhaps it is, as like Toney Slices ground game is still not defined.