Since failing in the MMA world, street-brawler turned star Kimbo Slice, now has his eyes set on the boxing world. And who would his first choice match be against? You guessed it..another MMA outcast, James Toney.

Toney who recently got smashed on by UFC hall-of-famer Randy Couture, had called out Slice as soon as he found out he would be joining the ranks of the UFC. Slice was shunned from the UFC before he and Toney could ever make it into the cage. But Slice stated to MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, that he’d like to try to beat Toney at his own game.

“I never heard anything about me fighting James Toney, but you know, like I said, again, I’ll fight anybody, man,” said Slice. “C’mon, everybody knows that about me from my street-fighting days. Put anybody in front of me, train me to be the best, I’ll fight the best. That’s one thing about Kimbo Slice that everybody knows.”