Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett on Inside MMA

Barnett on Inside MMA recently was confronted with the big question everyone was asking and that Tom Atencio had said was true. Did Josh Barnett cause Affliction to fall?

Tom Atencio:

The botom line is … is Josh is to blame, That’s really the bottom line. Say what you wan to so say. I was going to do it. It was the third event. I found out ten days before the event that he tested positive. What was I supposed to do, he was the main event.

Josh Barnett

In terms of Tom’s accusation, they had plenty of back up fights, and that happens. In fact, Kevin Randlema slipped on pipes 16 miutes before going into the ring … I’m the most convenuent excuse. If  tthey really want to find out why they didnt run any more events, they should check into their accounting and everything else.

I am not to blame for Affliction folding.

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