James “Lights Out” Toney, (72-6 Pro Boxing with 44 ko’s) is really serious about getting in the cage and starting up a very late MMA career. Toney tells FightHype his thoughts on MMA:

“I want Brock Lesnar and I know, unfortunately, he’s injured right now and had surgery, but I want him, Kimbo, Kendra, whatever his name is, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell or whoever. [Fans] think I will get my ass whooped. They will all be disappointed. You know I got a very big mouth and it can’t be shut. I have never                                                                                      been stopped in damn near 90 professional boxing fights and never will be. I still do my thing. They let a street fighter in the UFC; I know they can let a future Hall of Fame boxer with real fighting skills and credentials in there, but they scared.”

“They talking about ground game? That don’t mean nothing to me dog. Number one, I ain’t going to allow none of them boys to lay on top of me like a lil’ fag, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t going to the ground; that ain’t happening.”

“I got one of the best mixed martial arts trainers in the world, which is my daddy. You know what I’m saying? He is one of the original death fighters. They fought to the death, like in them movies, but it’s a matter of time. I will be ready to go.”

Some pretty bold words for the 42 year old boxing future hall of famer. Even with that truly amazing record from his pro boxing days, this is not boxing where’re talking about Toney, and you’re not the athlete you once were, and you definitely can’t come into this sport nor the top league in the MMA, the UFC, and think your not getting taken to the ground from anyone in the heavyweight division. If they allow him to fight in the UFC or in any MMA promotion for that matter, this guy will be in for a very rude awakening.

I’m not doubting that the guy can still fight nor that he doesn’t still have that killer knockout power, but if he thinks a one dimension arsenal will get him far in the MMA, especially against the caliber of fighters he is calling, out he will be in bad shape.