Jake Shields (26-4-1) has done it again, now carrying 15 straight wins with a win over Martin Kampmann in his debut in the UFC

Round One
Jake Shields throws a few jabs and ties up Kampmann. Shields right away gets Kampmann down. Shields works and gets to side control. Kampmann hip escapes and gets back up. Shields shoots in and Kampmann attempts the guillotine. The two get up only to tie right back up. Shields lands a stiff jab showing Kampmann’s head popping back. Shields fails a shoot, starts to throw some leg kicks. Shields shows no respect for Kampmann’s submission game driving another shoot through a guillotine.

Round Two
Shields fails a takedown and the two clinch up. Kampmann gets double under hooks. Kampmann lands a huge knee that winds Shields. Shields shoots and advances again through guillotine. Kampmann scrambles up, lands another huge knee in the clinch. Shields gets Kampmann down again. Referee McCarthy warns Shields about holding on shorts. Kampmann lands some punches finishing the round. Shields looks wobbly as the round ends.

Round Three
Shields gets stuffed on a takedown. Shields is looking exhausted.. The cut may be too much for the former champ. Shields gets stuffed on another takedown. Shield attempts another single leg and fails as Kampmann gets into Darce Choke but unable to finish. Kampmann is in half guard punishing with light punches. Shields drives from the submission to side control. Kampmann gives up the back and Shields comes close to an attempt as the round ends. Very close.

Shields now carries notable wins over Dan Henderson, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, Nick Thompson,  and Mike Pyle