In a most interesting quote from Jackie Chan to, he states that he thinks MMA is “too violent…”

“I don’t like to see Ultimate Fighting,” Chan said. “As a martial artist, I find it too violent putting them in a cage. At the end, it’s not fighting anymore. That’s not the martial arts. Martial arts is about respect. When somebody is knocked down, stop. I really respect Sugar Ray Leonard. Come on, when a guy is down stop. Don’t fight. That’s not the spirit. When you’re down, I’ll grab you up. Are you okay? Should we continue? That’s the martial arts spirit. That’s what I want.”

Well Mr. Chan, I personally don’t think “The Spy Next Door” is REAL acting, how bout them apples? All joking aside, I totally respect Jackie Chan, but I just think he needs to accept martial arts for what it is and that’s violence mixed with art.