One of the biggest mixed martial arts organizations in Europe, Irish-based Cage Contender, has been in the spotlight lately after it emerged that the company has failed to pay many of its fighters and staff. [via]

While the issue was brought to light via a forum post by Irish fighter Chris Stringer, a group statement on behalf of many of the coaches in Ireland has been issued, addressing many of their concerns.

“It has recently emerged that all is not as it may seem at Cage Contender, with many fighters and staff not being paid, or only partially so.

The issue has been brought into the public domain by fighter Chris Stringer, allowing others in a similar situation to speak out.

A history of lies and deceit has been exposed, with several individuals owed hundreds – and in some cases, thousands – of euro.

The lack of respect shown towards the fighters and staff, the beating heart of Irish MMA who keep it together, is simply unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

As a consequence, here is a list of clubs that have chosen not to work with Cage Contender in the future:

MMA Clinic
Team Ryano
Ryoshin MMA Lucan
Rush Fight Academy
Sean Scoil
No Fear MMA
Drogheda MMA
Team dungeon
Karate Jutsu
Peformance Martial arts
Waterford Mma
Strabane fight team
Bullring Mma

Jay Furness has also compiled a piece on the whole issue which can be read HERE.

As of now, Cage Contender have only had this to say, via shareholder Tom Murphy:

“Currently there are a number of payments due to various people which are outstanding. This is not an acceptable situation and not one that has ever happened before to CC [Cage Contender]. I’m very sorry to those who have been left waiting, it isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t be in this situation. Please accept my apologies and my assurance that you will be paid in full and as soon as possible.

“What has happened is what can happen to many companies, big and small. Its not a lack of finance, its a hiccup in cash flow. We are owed several tens of thousands ourselves and are waiting for that cash to be paid to us. That’s not your fault or indeed your problem. It is, however the situation we are in. Let me add that we have a new financial manager starting on Monday because this situation should not have been allowed to come to be.”


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