This past Monday in Michigan, a man by the name of Brandon Slanger was charged for an attempted robbery, committed that past Thursday. The cool part about this story, is how Slanger was stopped.

Zack Thome, a college student and Iraq war vet, saw what was happening and tackled Slanger to the floor.

“I look at the cashier, I kind of know him, I come in there every day.  I whispered to him, I mouthed to him, ‘Are you getting robbed right now?’ He said, ‘Yeah,’ like really scared,”

After a brief tussle on the floor between Slanger and the store clerk, Thome took the situation into his own hands. Thome lunged at the robber, knocked him down and held him in a rear-naked choke until the police arrived on scene. Check out the video below;

“It’s kind of my hometown.  I live right next to the place, you know, I’m in there everyday.  I think if it was the other way around, if I worked there and the guy at the register was there, he would have done the same thing.”

Source: FOX Online 17