Last week, it was revealed that GLORY had lost its longtime partner on US Cable TV, Spike.

As Jim Genia wrote here at Caged Insider, it seemed another case of “No matter how hard promoters try, the American market just can’t get into kickboxing.”

But there’s good news for those of us who are, in fact, “into kickboxing” — as GLORY has found a new home on US airwaves, just in time for tomorrow’s event in Milan, Italy.

At least, it seems they’ve got a home for now.

GLORY 25 will be shown on ESPN 3, live at 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT tomorrow. It will be replayed later the same evening on ESPN 2.

Fans, especially those of us who watched everything from Muay Thai to full contact karate on ESPN 2 broadcasts of the 1990’s, have reason to celebrate. But, does this mean we’ll eventually see GLORY events broadcast live on ESPN 2?

Not so fast, says veteran kickboxing writer Dave Walsh.

“The future is not as certain,” Walsh wrote today at Liver Kick. “When this deal was described to me over the past few days there was never a feeling that it was ‘one and done,’ that this would be a new television partner for GLORY in the United States. (Michael) Stets (of MMA Mania) spoke to ESPN this afternoon and for right now the plan is to air GLORY 25, look at the results and move on from there.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, and our eyes on the ring.