Following the death of public enemy number one, has released a story of Jimmy Wu, a top Taiwan judo coach who claims that he once trained the same Osama bin Laden charged with the 9/11 tragedy. Wu says to have crossed paths with the infamous Al Quaeda leader back when he coached the Saudi Arabian national judo team from 1981 to 1991.

“Osama”, attended classes at the judo centre while still a university student. He was too tall for judo, and Wu said he advised him against the sport, but he was insistent so Wu accepted him.

“I didn’t know the name bin Laden then,” Wu said. “After 9/11 (attacks on New York and Washington), I was invited to a seminar, and some of my former students there said ‘oh Jimmy, Osama, now he’s our hero’. I was surprised and I looked for some pictures and I said ‘oh this guy’ and I started to have some memory of him.”

Wu recalled of a memory of a womanizing Osama when his wife stopped by the centre.

“The tall one said ‘this is the centre, no women should be in here’. He did not approve. I have a particular memory of this. That was Osama.”

The images are unverified at this time as being the same man. Is it possible the young bearded Judo-kai student in the picture is the same man responsible for breeding the extremist terrorist group? If so could this sour the opinion of an uneducated spectator of the art of Judo or Martial Arts ?  Hopefully not, but it would not be surprising to hear such associative critiques on a sport as a whole.