Former Boxer turned MMA, Jessica Rakoczy (1-3 MMA, 31-3 boxing) has just failed the Nevada State Athletic Commissions (NSAC) drug test after her recent victory, and faces a possible suspension of her fighting license. The drug found in her system, Oxymorphine, and Oxycodine. Not a muscle enhancer but a popular painkiller medications.

MMAJunkie’s John Morgan received the word from head NSAC Executive, Keith Kizer today of the incident and says this is the first in female fight history in the state of Nevada. A state with a large female MMA population, with most fighing  out of the Tuf-N-Nuff, and MMA Xplosion promotions.

Rakocy’s recent Oct. 9th second round TKO victory against Jennifer Scott may now be tarnished unless the Rakoczy is able to clear up the failed drug test.

The fact that the drug was not a “muscle enhancing” drug, does that make you sympathize for the female fighter or does it not matter what drug it is. Nick Diaz may have something to say on that after his failed drug test for Marijuana back in Nov. 2007.

Source: MMAJunkie