Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.40.24 PMUnfortunate news today as the sport suffers the death of a competitor. Following an attempt to cut the final two pounds for his official flyweight weigh-ins at Shooto Brazil 43, Leandro “Feijao” Souza passes out, only to be pronounced dead shortly after. The 26-year-old comes from the famed Nova Uniao camp, known for its stars Jose Aldo, Renan Barao and Anderson Silva. Since the report, Shooto president Andre Pederneiras has released this statement.

“We are sad to report the death of Leandro Caetano de Souza,” Shooto president Andre Pederneiras wrote on his Facebook page. “The athlete has passed away in Botafogo’s UPA. We don’t know the reasons why yet. We would like to express our condolences to all friends and family.”

There is not any information on the exact cause of death as of yet, however teammates at the venue were quick to suggest that it had to do with the hard weight cut. If that is the cause, it may open the door to questions of safety during weigh cuts. With reports of up to 30 lbs. being cut just prior to the event, MMA may need to revise its stance on weight cutting.