Carina Damm
Photo via MMAWeekly – Esther Lin

Why sexy Carina, why? It seems UFC fighter Rodrigo Damm’s sister Carina Damm is in the news again with another failed performance-enhancing drug (PED) test. The Ohio State Athletic Commission (OSAC) has reported that Damn has pulled a Thiago Silva and submitted “non-human” urine (really?). Damm was first busted for the anabolic steroid nandrolone back in 2008 after submitting Sofia Bagherdai.

According to the OSAC, Damm was monitored by another female, but it’s much harder to monitor females during urine submissions (I’d think so). Following the results, proving the provided urine was not hers , the commission has handed her a $550 fine as well as a six-month suspension.

The failed test only adds insult to injury as Damm had suffered a first-round stoppage via TKO at 49 seconds to Jessica Eye at NAAFS on June 1 in Cleveland. The loss also puts her recent record at 1-3, overall 18-9.